Email Marketing Program for Contractors

There is no better way to stay in touch with your customers than through their email inbox. By keeping in contact on a consistent basis, your company is able to stay in the forefront of your customers mind when they need your services.

Monthly Email Newsletter

The key to newsletter marketing success is that it keeps your name in front of your customers year round. It gives customers a reason to think about your company and refer you to others. Armed with this information we set out to create a newsletter that was designed to dramatically increase business for our customers. Like our Rocket Referral Program our email marketing system provides:

  • Relevant articles that interest your audience
  • Call to action to your social media accounts
  • A cost effective way to establish your brand


With An Email Marketing Newsletter You Get Features That Direct Mail Cannot Provide

Footbridge Media’s Email Marketing program includes everything you need to send out and track a high professional looking HTML newsletter. The software we are using to implement your monthly newsletter will provide you the following features:

  • Email Personalization
  • Free, Built In Spam Checking
  • Automatic Unsubscribe
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • Can-Spam Compliance
  • List Management
  • Email de-duping to ensure your contacts receive only one email from you

  • Excellent Reports Provided during each campaign including
    • Email open reporting
    • Bounce tracking
    • Click tracking
    • Unsubscribe Reporting

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. The Footbridge Media Newsletter program does all the work for you. We will design and deliver a high quality newsletter directly to your newsletter list and providing reporting on each campaign. The newsletter program includes:

  • Monthly newsletter sent out to your email list
  • Send up to 1,500 subscribers a month
  • Email list management/organization
  • Full website integration/sign up page (customers can sign up for your newsletter straight from your website)
  • Promotion of social media accounts in each issue
  • Reporting on each email campaign

All of this plus our excellent Footbridge Media support team for only $99 per month.